Joseph J. Balliro Award

The Joseph J. Balliro Award is presented annually in recognition
of a lifetime dedication and commitment to the rights of the accused. 
Past recipients are:

Joseph Balliro
Janice Bassil
Charlie Clifford
Earl Cooley
Richie Egbert
Andy Good
Bill Leahy
Judith Lindahl
David Hoose
Charles McGinty
Tracy Miner
Joseph Oteri
Marty Rosenthal
Max Stern
Linda Thompson
John Wall
Elliot Weinstein
Norman Zalkind

Clarence Gideon Award

The MACDL Clarence Gideon Award is presented from time to time in
recognition of champions of the noblest principle that all persons shall
stand equal before the law. 
Recipients of the Gideon Award:

Charles Clifford

William Leahy
Leslie Walker - (June 2012)
Stephanie Page - (January 2012)
Roger Witkin - (January 2013)
John Salsberg - (March 2014)
Arnold Abelow - (January 2015)

Brownlow Speer Award

The Brownlow Speer Award for Appellate Advocacy is presented in
recognition of those defense lawyers whose appellate work exemplifies
the highest stan
dards of dedication and excellence in the service of those
accused of crime.
Recipients of the Speer Award:

Brownlow Speer - (February 2013)
Wendy Sibbison (June 2014)

MACDL Special Achievement Awards

State Senator Cynthia Creem - Legislative Achievement Award
Hon. Michael J. Ponsor - Judicial Achievement Award - (January 2012)
Hon. Nancy Gertner - Judicial Excellence Award - (January 2013)
Susan Mellen - Public Service Award - (March 2014)

President's Award

Michael Keating, David Kluft, Daniel McFadden & Foley Hoag, LLP - (June 2013)
Federal Defenders Office - (June 2014)
Edward P. Ryan, Jr. - (January 2015)

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