Dear MACDL Champions

The Board is in the process of filling three vacancies through an election. When we announced these openings two months ago, we received applications from many excellent candidates, and are grateful to all who applied.

Pursuant to the by-laws, candidates were chosen to be on the ballot by a Nominating Committee made up of six members of the Board. The Nominating Committee’s mandate was to select candidates thought to be in the best position to serve MACDL in the years ahead and also reflect diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, and geographical location. All the candidates who were not selected were invited to be on the ballot with the support of ten members of the organization.

Because our by-laws require a slate of at least six candidates overall, the three Board members with the most longevity are also on the slate and will be up for re-election. They are all very active on the board and their respective committees, and we hope that you will re-elect them to their positions.

MACDL members will have received the ballot on September 3, 2019 and voting will be open for three weeks, until September 23rd. This will give members time to pay their dues, confirm the accuracy of their contact info, and VOTE. Members in good standing will be able to cast their ballots in secret by clicking the “vote” button below this letter. We will announce the results by September 30.

Many thanks to the members of Nominating Committee for their efforts. On behalf of the Board and entire membership of MACDL, I want to thank Lenore Glaser, our departing member of the Board, for all her hard work and commitment to the goals of the organization.

Victoria Kelleher MACDL President

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Candidate Profiles

There are six seats on the Board subject to annual election. All of the candidates listed below applied to serve on the Board, including three who are up for re-election. Pursuant to the by-laws, a nominating committee of the Board endorsed six (6) candidates, and they are so designated below. Candidates who otherwise received the support of ten (10) members are listed as well.

Shira Diner

Todd & Weld, LLP Boston (Re-elect)

Attorney Shira Diner worked at CPCS for 17 years as a public defender, supervisor, and trainer, and co-led the challenge to cash bail, culminating in the Brangan decision and the Bail Reform Act. She is a member of the Sentencing Commission, the Pretrial and Bail Commission, and an adjunct professor at Suffolk Law School’s Innocence Clinic. She is Co-Chair of MCLE’s Criminal Law Curriculum committee, serves on MACDL’s Membership and Training Committees, and a presenter and author on criminal topics.


Mona Igram

Committee for Public Counsel Services, Lowell

Attorney Mona Igram is the Attorney-in-Charge of the Youth Advocacy Division (YAD) in CPCS’s Lowell/Lawrence office. A criminal defense attorney for 25 years, she has worked in private practice and as a public defender in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is the co-chair of the MACDL Racial Justice Committee, and has trained lawyers on racial justice and juvenile practice issues.


Aviva Jeruchim

Jeruchim & Davenport, LLP, Boston

Attorney Aviva Jeruchim has been practicing criminal defense for over 25 years, and is a founding partner at Jeruchim & Davenport, LLP. She is a member of the CJA panel, accepts Superior Court and murder appointments for CPCS/SLJ, and has a private practice in state and federal courts as both trial and appellate counsel. She was a supervising attorney for CPCS/SLJ for over 10 years, and is a frequent faculty member and lecturer at Simmons College, CLEs and workshops.


Eduardo Masferrer

Masferrer & Associates, Boston (Re-elect)

Attorney Eduardo Masferrer has been practicing criminal defense for 20 years. Beyond practicing in state and federal courts, he also counsels attorneys and clients as to immigration consequences of criminal convictions. His practice includes immigration removal defense and representing non-US citizens in immigration court. He has led the MACDL/SLJ conference for the last 4 years.


Marty Rosenthal

Law Office of Martin R. Rosenthal, Boston

Having been on MACDL’s original Board, w/ some “free” time from the ‘14-‘18 (disappointing!) Sent’ng Comm’n’s demise, Attorney Marty Rosenthal wants to heighten visibility/leadership on (“Smart-on-Crime”) C/J/Reform, fighting criminogenic/wasteful “mass” incarceration & repugnant racial disparities, like legislation & coordinating reform groups. He’s fought those battles for 4+ decades, prioritizing H.Belafonte’s admonition re civil-rts activists, “we have a struggle, but not a movement,” as seen in his MLWeekly editorials, ltrs, & quotes.

Luke Ryan

Sasson Turnbull Ryan & Hoose, Northampton (Re-elect)

Attorney Luke Ryan practices in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. He has worked extensively with the ACLU and currently serves as MACDL’s representative on the SJC’s Standing Advisory Committee for the Rules of Criminal Procedure. He formerly clerked for the Honorable Michael Ponsor in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.


John Swomley

Swomley & Tennen, LLP, Boston

After law school in Boston, Attorney John Swomley spent his first five years as a public defender in Brooklyn, NY. In 1992 he returned to Boston and began his own private practice. He is a cooperating attorney for the ACLU, is on the Board of SLJ and co-chairs their Evaluations Committee. He is a member of the murder panel and the CJA Panel.


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