Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 3–4:30pm

This free webinar will address the emerging trend of the substitution of 58A dangerousness petitions for cash bail as a way to hold defendants in pretrial detention and will provide you with practical tools and strategies to effectively advocate for your clients’ release.

Experienced attorneys Shira Diner and Makis Antzoulatos will discuss the implications of these petitions in the context of  amendments to the bail statute, the SJC’s decisions in Brangan, Walsh, and Norman, as well as  the increased availability of community funds such as the Massachusetts Bail Fund for posting bail.

Mallory Hanora, Executive Director of Families as Justice for Healing, will discuss the importance of putting together a detailed release plan and will address how to work with community organizers to maximize your chances of keeping your client out of custody.

The presenters will share tips and strategies for litigating 58A hearings in the current climate.

By approaching this topic through the broader lens of client centered lawyering and community engagement, the relevance of the information and ideas shared during this webinar extends beyond 58A litigation and can be applied at sentencing and probation violation hearings, as well as for the purposes of release planning in parole, SORB and SDP cases.

Presenters include:

  • Makis Antzoulatos, CPCS
  • Shira Diner, Todd & Weld
  • Mallory Hanora, Executive Director at Families for Justice as Healing
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