MACDL is the pre-eminent Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Massachusetts. We are an affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. MACDL is formed exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes which include, but are not limited to, the following purposes:

  • To provide support for criminal defense lawyers in the practice of their craft, including, but not limited to, a strike force, amicus briefs, and other services which will improve the quality of representation of the accused;
  • To protect the individual rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth as guaranteed by the Declaration of Rights of the Massachusetts Constitution and the United States Constitution, including, most particularly, the right to counsel;
  • To promote the exchange of experience, legal precedent, and research among criminal defense lawyers throughout the Commonwealth;
    To enlighten the public about the legitimate role of criminal defense lawyers in society;
  • To maintain the integrity and independence of criminal defense lawyers;
  • To preserve the adversary system of justice;
  • To coordinate efforts with national and local bar associations that are concerned with criminal justice.

MACDL Officers and Directors 2020-2021


President: Victoria Kelleher

President-Elect: John Amabile

Immediate Past President: Derege Demissie

Vice-President: Shira Diner

Clerk: Laura Mannion

Treasurer: Brian E. Murphy

Board of Directors

Following is a list of MACDL committees and their chairpersons. Some of the committees are welcoming new members. If you are a member in good standing and are willing to commit some of your time to service on a committee, contact the committee chair.

Amicus Curiae Committee

Chauncey Wood and David Rangaviz, Co-Chairs

Communications and Social Media Committee
Ruth O’Meara-Costello, Chair

Continuing Legal Education and Training Programs Committee
Victoria Bonilla and Aviva Jeruchim, Co-Chairs

Federal Practice Committee
Jane Peachy and William Fick, Co-Chairs

Lawyers Assistance Strike Force Committee and

Witness Advocacy and Representation Network (WARN) Committee

Eduardo Masferrer and John Swomley, Co-Chairs

Legislation Committee
Marissa Elkins and Austin Tzeng, Co-Chairs

Membership Committee
Christian Williams and Emily Shulman, Co-Chairs

New Lawyer Subcommittee
Ambar Maceo, Chair

Press/Editorial Committee
Jamie Sultan and Eric Tennen, Co-Chairs

Racial Justice Committee
Mona Igram and Howard Cooper, Co-Chairs

Rules Committee
Luke Ryan, Chair

Events and Awards Coordinator
Christine Sunnerberg