Defense attorneys Blake Rubin and Angela Cavanaugh were acquitted of witness intimidation after being accused of arranging for a key witness in a human trafficking case to be bailed out so that she could run away and not be available to testify at trial. When the man accused of human trafficking was confronted for bailing the witness out, he blamed his lawyer and the witness’s lawyer for orchestrating this. The prosecutors chose not to see this as an improbable accusation by a desperate man facing additional charges and instead gave him full immunity so that they could use his testimony to prosecute Blake and Angela.

MACDL demands an investigation into this prosecution which appears to have been designed to intimidate defense attorneys and may have specifically targeted Blake because he ran against incumbent Joseph Early for Worcester DA. The Worcester County DA’s Office are responsible for giving serious consideration to these ridiculous assertions and the Plymouth County DA’s Office who took on the prosecution to preserve the appearance of impartiality since Worcester defense attorneys were implicated.

For more information and comments by several MACDL members, see  the article in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.