Get More Involved with MACDL

MACDL strives to be an inclusive statewide organization. The membership committee is looking for help to grow our ranks with criminal defense lawyers from across the state. If you are interested in helping us plan events and other opportunities to grow and support our membership please let us know—just send an email to and we will be in touch.

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MACDL Condemns Politically-Motivated Attacks

Media Contact: Derege Demissie | 617-354-3944 |

Boston, Mass. (May 23, 2018) — The Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL) condemns attempts by lawmakers to impeach Judge Timothy Feeley for his decision to sentence Manuel Soto-Vittini to two years of probation following his guilty plea to charges of drug distribution.

Contrary to many reports, Judge Feeley’s sentence was not intended to affect Mr. Soto-Vittini’s immigration status. Mr. Soto-Vittini’s plea renders him deportable, and […]

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MACDL Strike Force Victory

The MACDL Strike Force Committee Chair, John Amabile , recently represented a MACDL member who was subpoenaed to testify against a client charged with conspiring to violate the drug laws. The case stemmed from an alleged incident where a family member brought an eyeglass case to court for the Defendant, who was in custody, When the lawyer was on her way to speak to her client, a court […]

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Criminal Justice Reforms — Trees, Not Forest

In a letter to the editor, MACDL President Derege Demissie and Legislative Policy Chair Marty Rosenthal highlighted the failures of the Massachusetts Senate’criminal justice bill:

To the Editor [RE: “Criminal justice debate heats up” (Mon, Oct 9th)]:

The Senate’s criminal justice bill takes excellent steps towards USA’s recent Smart-on-Crime paradigm shift. But it’s important “trees” reforms fail three “forest” challenges: mass incarceration, broad racial injustice, and broader diversion from wasteful/harmful court usage.

Massachusetts’ incarceration rate […]

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Increase Pay for Court Appointed Lawyers

Your IMMEDIATE help is needed! The Massachusetts Legislature is currently considering House Bill 751 increasing the rate of pay for their bar advocates. Sponsored by Rep Cronin of Easton, House Bill 751 proposes:

The rates of compensation payable to all counsel, who are appointed or assigned to represent indigents within the private counsel division of the committee in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) of section 6, shall, subject to appropriation, be as follows: […]

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