Mark Schand scoops ice cream at his Sweetwater smoothie cafe in New Britain, Conn. This business is meant to reboot a career Schand says was stolen from him at the age of 19 when he was wrongfully convicted of a crime and was imprisoned for 27 years.
Photo: Karen Brown/NEPR

A recent NPR story features  Mark Schand, who was exonerated with the help of his attorneys, Linda and John Thompson, after spending 27 years in prison following his wrongful conviction for murder. The story details his struggles to receive appropriate compensation from the state for the time he spent behind bars, drawing important attention to the challenges facing exonerated inmates, and his success as an entrepreneur; since his release he has started a smoothie cafe in Connecticut. MACDL is proud to have Mr. Schand’s attorney Linda Thompson as a member of our board and wish him luck with his new venture!

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