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Letter to the Judiciary Opposing Phase 3 Reopening

We have received numerous calls and emails from members who are understandably distressed by the Phase 3 reopening of the state courts, which includes mandatory, in-person appearances for non-emergency hearings such as summons arraignments. In response, MACDL’s Board addressed a letter to Chief Justice Gants and Chief Justice Carey citing our concerns, along with the following proposals:

  1. Suspend the plan to require in person appearances for non-emergency matters […]
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Action Alert: Oppose ABA Resolution 114

MACDL urges its members to oppose ABA Resolution 114, which calls on state legislatures to use an affirmative consent standard for sexual assault cases. The proposed standard will unconstitutionally shift the burden of proof to defendants facing extremely serious charges. MACDL has called upon the Massachusetts representatives to the ABA House of Delegates to oppose the resolution; our letter regarding the resolution is below. A listing of all […]

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Oppose Governor Baker’s Parole Board Nominee

UPDATE: The Governor’s Council hearing is on Wednesday, June 26th. Please continue to contact your councillors and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito

Dear MACDL Members, Colleagues and Friends,

Thanks to MACDL and other community groups, our Governor’s Councillors have been flooded with calls and emails in the past few days! During the hearing on Wednesday, many Councillors referred to their many constituents who have been voicing […]

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Contact Reps to Increase District Court Pay Rate

Dear MACDL members,

On April 11, the House Committee on Ways & Means released its budget recommendations for the next fiscal year, FY 2019.  The House budget provides for an increase in appropriation for private counsel compensation, increasing the rate of compensation for Superior Court cases from $60 to $68 per hour and for Mental Health cases from $50 to $53 per hour.

While we are pleased to see the […]

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Increase Pay for Court Appointed Lawyers

Your IMMEDIATE help is needed! The Massachusetts Legislature is currently considering House Bill 751 increasing the rate of pay for their bar advocates. Sponsored by Rep Cronin of Easton, House Bill 751 proposes:

The rates of compensation payable to all counsel, who are appointed or assigned to represent indigents within the private counsel division of the committee in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) of section 6, shall, subject […]

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