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Agenda (.pdf)

Speakers Bios (.pdf)


Breathalyzer Litigation — Bernard (.ppt)
Drug Recognition Experts — Hurowitz (.pptx)
Drug Lab Justice in Federal Court — Ryan (.pptx)
E-Filing — Carter (.pptx), Goldman (.pptx), Lewis (.pptx), Menken (.pptx)
Legal Research — Flaherty (.pptx)
Innocence: Changing The Narrative — Grant, Kavanaugh (.pptx)
Secondary Trauma — O’Connor (.pptx)
Supreme Judicial Court Coming Attractions — Griffis (.pptx)
SDP and SORB Cases — Nam-Krane (.pptx)
Supreme Court Update — Maidman (.pptx)
Year in Review — Kiley, Sourlock, Rangaviz (.ppt)


E-Filing — Lewis (.pdf) (.docx)
Farak Litigation — Ryan (.pdf)
Felony Murder — Wood (.pdf)
Preserving Objections — Prevett (.pdf)
SORB and ADP — Nam-Krane (.pdf)
Breathalizer — Bernard (.pdf) (.docx)
Secondary Trauma (two documents) — O’Connor (.pdf) (.pdf)